We have a wide range of IPSO & HUEBSCH washing machines of 60lb, 55lb, 40lb, 30lb and 18lb capacities.

Our high-efficiency IPSO dryers are 30lb and 45lb capacity and operate at three temperature levels.

An attendant is always available to provide advice and assistance - just ask!

We have a change machine to provide the quarters you will need, and we are happy to change large
bills for you - please ask the attendant.

We have two Dell computers which you are welcome to use (at no charge) to surf the internet - or you can
bring your own device and connect to our Wi-Fi, again without charge.

We have a flat-screen TV with local stations.
There are snack and drinks vending machines, arcade games, pool table, a childrens' play area
and a smoking area. There is a customer restroom.

Easy parking right outside. We are happy to assist customers getting their laundry from and to their car.